Immigration Law

We provide immigration services by assisting and representing Canadians, permanent residents, and foreign nationals meet their immigration needs. Our services can be provided to a wide range of foreign nationals in Canada, as well as abroad. We spend time getting to know you and your needs to better serve you. We feel it is important that immigrants are thoroughly informed of the process of immigration and given options and resources to best serve your immigration needs.

Sponsorship of Family Members

Spouse, Common-Law and Conjugal partner and dependent children

  • You can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner or dependent children, whether they are in Canada (Inland Sponsorship) or outside of Canada. We can help you discover the best way to sponsor your family members, while taking into account the anticipated time for processing or the right to file an appeal if the application is refused.

Parents and Grandparents

  • We will assess your eligibility to sponsor your parents or grandparents. We will guide you in making the best decision to either sponsor or to apply for a Super Visa for your parents or grandparents.

Economic Immigration

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

  • Did you work fulltime (at least 30 hours a week) in Canada? Was the work you did in a skilled job for at least 12 months within three (3) years from the time you apply? You may be eligible to apply to become a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). We will assess your eligibility and admissibility, then recommend whether this class is suitable for you.

Foreign Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)

  • You have no work experience in Canada or have work experience but cannot qualify under CEC. Not a problem! This class may be your ticket to becoming a permanent resident.

Foreign Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)

  • Are you a tradesperson? We will assess your eligibility to apply under this economic class.

Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs

  • Do you have work experience in Canada caring for children and people with high medical needs? If so, you may be able to apply for permanent residence through the Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathways.

Provincial Nominee Class - Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)

  • Did you know that select individuals can be nominated by the Province of Alberta for permanent residence? If you live in Alberta and work for an employer in Alberta, this category might be for you.

Other Applications

Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration (H&C)

  • Foreign nationals who are inadmissible or who do not meet the requirements to become permanent residents may make a written request for consideration on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Foreign nationals who would otherwise not qualify in any class may apply under this class.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

  • Designated officers can issue temporary resident permits to inadmissible foreign nationals when it is “justified in the circumstances”. A TRP holder is allowed to enter or remain in Canada. If a TRP is valid for at least six (6) months, the TRP holder may apply for a work or study permit.

Visa Applications

Temporary residents are foreign nationals who are authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a visitor, worker, or student.


Medical Inadmissibility

  • A medically inadmissible applicant is a person whose health condition may result in a demand on health or social services for which the anticipated costs would likely exceed average Canadian per capita health services and social services costs. We assist clients in the preparation of a plan to alleviate concerns on excessive demands on the health care system.

Criminal Inadmissibility

  • Criminal inadmissibility applies to people who may not be allowed to enter or stay in Canada because they have committed or been convicted of a crime. That offence may have been committed inside or outside of Canada. You may be deemed rehabilitated or you can apply for rehabilitation depending on your situation. We will assess you.